At EPIC PARTY UK we feel that your child deserves only the best.  That's why we bring EVERYTHING to EVERY party! 

We use age appropriate blaster's, meaning not only does every child get a blaster, but they will get one they can use!  

Every party is for up to 40 kids!!!  The only limit is the size of your venue.

6m x 12m (1 badminton court) = 24 four - seven years olds or 18 eight+ year olds

12m x 12m = 30 four - seven year olds or 24 eight+

12m x 16m = 40 four - seven year olds or 30 eight+

12m x 22m = 40 kids or 18 Adults!(yes we can do adult events too!)

We bring all of our 30 bunkers to every party and use everything we can to suit your venue!

When it comes to a venue bigger is better!

All parties are done in age brackets. 

4-6, 5-7, 6-8, 7-10, 8-14 and 12+

This keeps everyone safe and using equipment to suit there abilities.

We also bring music, over 1500 darts, over 200 blasters and a party host to keep your party EPIC.