Escape with Suffolk Escape Academy

Crack the case and save 221b Baker Street or Bust out of the Prison Blues(coming soon).

    Escape Rooms provide an hour's escape from reality and will test your problem solving skills.   Whether with friends or a work team building exercise, bonding and having a great time is certain.


We aim to provide some of the best Escape Rooms in the UK....

  ...and there is some stiff competition out there.  That's why we are always adapting and evolving how we work, which puzzles work and what is most engaging.   We always ask for feedback after the escape from the people that matter most,  THE PLAYERS.  

  We started out like most,  with one room (The Next Great Detective) .  We asked what the players thought and how we could improve.  They said "we want more rooms".  So now we have a second room on the way.

  They asked to have more things to do,  so we now have FootPool and soon Mini golf for after/before the rooms.   They asked for music, so now we have a sound system,  and the list goes on.   


   Check out or call us on 07467943986