Epic Party UK is here to help with your birthday party or event by blasting it to a whole new level.  With plenty of portable bunkers, (including an inflatable tank, 4 crates and 8 barrels as well some camouflage walls). We can go to any venue in Suffolk and large portions of Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.   As we only use top of the range foam dart blasters and provide all the relevant safety equipment you can be sure everyone will be safe.

    Our party host is a trained outdoor activity instructor.  He has worked in several school camps around the world, in children's homes and one of Europe's largest laser tag arenas, where he has hosted countless birthday parties.


    We are a small family run business that rely on giving the best experience we can.  We are totally dedicated to giving you and your guests an EPIC party that you will remember for years to come.  When you book with Epic Party UK you are getting a host that has worked with children for over 9 years and who puts safety and customer service first.  


We aim to provide the best NERF parties in the UK....

  ...and there is some stiff competition out there.  That's why we are always adapting and evolving how we work, which blasters we use and what games we play.   We always ask for feedback during and after the party from the people that matter most,  THE CHILDREN.  

  We started out like most,  with one type of blaster (the Nerf Strongarm).  We asked what the kids thought and how we could improve.  They said "we want more guns".  So now we have over ten types of blasters in our standard party and soon to six different styles of party each with a different selection of blasters.

  They asked to have more things to hide behind,  so we now have extra walls.   They asked for music, so now we have a sound system,  and the list goes on.   

  If you can see something that we can improve on, Please let us know by following the link below.